Color Enthusiast. Latina/Choctaw Feminist Bisexual.

Born and raised in Texas, but I'm never in one place for too long. I currently reside in Portland, OR with my husband.

I was born during a snowstorm in Texas. I was born an artist. I remember painting onto large sheets of paper on the floor – pictures of cats and rainbows when I was a tiny child. (I guess things haven’t changed much.) My obsessions remain the same: wonder, adventure, music, dreams, color. My work has often been described as magic, and I can’t imagine a higher compliment than that. The main goal of my work is to capture and express an energy or a feeling, and let the viewer work out for themselves what it is. I want to be free to roam around unrestricted by arbitrary boundaries in life and in my work. I try to instill that playful freedom in my art by often painting with my hands instead of brushes and using bright fanciful colors.

I believe art should be part of your everyday. I don't want people to be too precious with my art. Let it live and move and breathe. Set it on the floor if that's where you like it, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

 April Armistead, Fine Artist


SHIM Invitational 6 - 2018, Art Helix Gallery / Potato Mike
Brooklyn, NY

Aqua Art Miami 2017, Art Helix Gallery / Potato Mike
Miami, FL

Ford Gallery, Portland, OR
PSA: Provides Support through Art, Group Show & Auction

CYL Collective
Featured Artist

Blick Art Materials October Show:: A Brief History of You & Me
Beaverton, OR

The Parliament, York, PA
Calm Chaos Exhibit

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